Your health may depend on your food choices.

We join national health officials in encouraging you to think about the food that fuels your body.

March is National Nutrition Month, launched by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in 1973.

“This year’s theme is “Beyond the Table,” which addresses the farm-to-fork aspect of nutrition, from food production and distribution to navigating grocery stores and farmers markets — and even home food safety and storage practices,” according to the academy’s website, “It also describes the various ways we eat — not only around a dinner table, but also on the go, in schools and restaurants, at games and events. This theme also includes sustainability, for instance, decreasing food waste from school and work to home and beyond.”

That is a lot of ground to cover.

The month features four weekly themes. Week 1 is “Stay nourished on any budget” and includes these tips:

— Learn cooking, food preparation and meal planning skills.

— Use a grocery list and shop sales when purchasing food.

— Learn about community resources such as SNAP, WIC and local food banks.

— Practice home food safety.

Subsequent weeks will urge participants to:

— See a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

— Eat a variety of foods from all food groups.

— Eat with the environment in mind.

Visit the website to learn more about these messages and to get a variety of other tips to live a more healthy lifestyle.

While you’re there, you can click the Recipes tab for instructions to make delicious and healthful meals, snacks, beverages and even desserts.

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