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Watching the Tomato Harvest with Sharon Palmer, RD

  I had such an amazing time visiting the Central Valley in California with the Tomato Products Wellness Council to learn all about how tomatoes are harvested and processed into delicious, nutritious tomato products, including canned tomatoes, tomato sauce and paste, and marinara sauce. Here I am, biting into a fresh, ripe tomato straight from […]

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Superfood Salsa with Manuel Villacorta

Americans seem to be infatuated with their sauces and condiments. Just to mention a few, we have barbeque, mustard, mayonnaise, and the all mighty ketchup. But would you add salsa to this category? To my surprise, after doing a little research, in 2013 salsa sales surpassed sales of ketchup in the United States. Definitely, the […]

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7 Ways to Cut Your Food Waste

  Food waste is an enormous problem in this country—we waste enough food to fill the entire Rose Bowl in Pasadena every single day. I’m from the Pasadena area, so I know how big the Rose Bowl is, but if you can’t wrap your mind around that estimate, consider this: More than 40% of the […]

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Warm Weather Calls for Tomato Products, Too

  Sharon Palmer, RDN Just because the days are longer and warmer, it doesn’t mean that you can’t rely on canned goods, such as tomato products in the kitchen. Stocking your pantry with economical, convenient canned tomatoes, pasta sauce, salsa, and tomato paste means you are ready to enjoy quick and healthy meals all season […]

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Dive into #MeatlessMonday with Italian Grilled Cheese! Spoiler: It’s also gluten free and paleo friendly!

By: Elizabeth Shaw, MS, RDN, CLT of Shaw’s Simple Swaps   Ever feel like you have the same thing every #meatlessmonday? Well, stress no more, I’m here today to tell you there are many delicious, nutritious, flavor packed options available to spice up your Monday when you think outside the “box”! Now, what do I […]

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Mediterranean Baked Goat Cheese

Growing up with an Italian mother, there are three things you will always find in my kitchen; olive oil, garlic, and canned tomatoes.  On a busy Sunday I can easily throw together homemade pasta sauce or wake up with my favorite brunch dish: shakshuka. Just last week I was doing some last minute entertaining and, […]

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Celebrate Eggs & Tomatoes!

By NourishRD Peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter, peas and carrots. Some foods are just meant to go together. And one delicious, yet somewhat under-appreciated pairing is the mouth-watering combo of eggs and tomatoes. While the idea of green eggs and ham is fun (especially for St. Patrick’s Day!), this other colorful dynamic duo […]