May 10

Making Canned Tomatoes New Again

The secret to good cooking and healthy eating? All it takes is having the right tool for the job. Putting the right ingredients to work makes your job easy. Enter: canned tomatoes. Are you surprised? Canned tomatoes may sound like old news, but their savory umami and versatility in the kitchen make them indispensable in […]

March 15

What is Lycopene?

Maybe there’s a reason superheroes wear red capes! Lycopene [pronounced lie-kuh-peen], the naturally occurring compound that gives tomatoes their rich red color, has some pretty super powers. Natural chemical reactions in your body create free radicals, which move around the body setting off chain reactions that can damage cells and promote disease. Lycopene is an […]

February 15

Can Pizza Be a Health Food?

When you think of American food, you may think of a burger and fries, but statistics show we’re crowding in on the Italians’ favorite: pizza! Every second of the day, 350 slices of pizza are consumed. That means 1 in 8 Americans chow down on a slice of ‘za every day, regardless of race and […]

December 12

Tillie Lewis: The Tomato Queen

Comic Book gals with golden lariats and invisible airplanes had nothing on this TRUE heroine whose Super Power was feeding the nation and the world the ripest, freshest tomato grown in American soil. She began her studies of the Italian favorite, the San Marzano, in the 1920’s at Brooklyn’s Botanical Gardens research facilities and determined […]

November 06

Celebrate Movember: Paint Your Plate Red!

By Sharon Palmer, RDN If you’ve been noticing more mustachioed men around town lately, it’s a sign of the times: it’s Movember. Movember is a month-long event during which people raise awareness of prostate cancer by growing out their mustaches to help “change the face of men’s health.” There’s no better time to support the men […]

July 28

Don’t Believe Nutrition Hype

“Sugar is toxic!” “Carbs make you fat!” If you believe every headline like those in the media or the Internet, you might not eat anything! That’s because much of the nutrition advice portrayed there is not based on science. It’s important to look at the entire body of evidence before eliminating healthful foods in your […]

May 26

Fresh or Canned Tomatoes: How Do You Choose?

  With summer quickly approaching, fresh fruits and vegetables are delicious and in season, adding a boost of flavor and texture to some of your favorite summer dishes, from salads to sandwiches and beyond. Tomatoes pack many beneficial health compounds, such as fiber and vitamins A and C, promoting a healthy heart, as well as […]