July 24


Tomatoes in an Unexpected Place

By Registered Dietitian & healthy living expert, Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD

CD in Switz2


by Corinne Dobbas, RD

I just got back from an amazing two weeks in Switzerland—the land of chocolate, watches, and lush perfect greenery.

I knew I’d be writing something for my tomato-loving friends in July, so one of the first questions I asked my never-before-met Swiss-living third cousin was, “Do people here eat a lot of tomatoes and tomato products, like marinara sauce, salsa, tomato paste, and such?”

He looked at me like I was a crazy blonde American and replied, “No, we’re Swiss. We do chocolate and wienerschnitzel. We leave the tomatoes to the Italians.”

I was pretty disappointed and felt like I was out of luck for this post.

However, after dining out a few times, I realized he was somewhat wrong! Tomatoes, or some form of tomatoes seemed to be in practically every dish I ordered!

Check out some of the amazing food I had below and exactly where I spotted our friend, the tomato!



Tomatoes in a older gentleman’s garden. It’s very common in Switzerland for people to have their own plot of land to grow veggies and fruit. Love it!


For the tomato being “an Italian thing,” it tickled my fancy to see ketchup!


Behind the ketchup scenes!!


Delicious! Salad with tomatoes carrots, egg, and bacon!


Time for some Carpaccio … and tomatoes!


Sun dried tomato spread! Sooo delicious! I couldn’t get enough. This was served in place of butter in one sinfully good restaurant.


Some of the spread on the bread!


Ravioli topped with a tomato salsa!


Tomatoes in the salad!


More tomatoes in more salad!

I can affirm that after visiting Switzerland, the tomato is not just an Italian thing. It’s an everyone thing!

What’s your favorite food to accompany the tomato?


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