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July 20

Don’t call it a Comeback 😎

  Canned tomato products have gained pandemic popularity for good reason. Give these tried and true pantry staples a fresh look. Canned tomato products are more popular than ever! All it took was a pandemic to clear every last can—diced tomatoes, tomato puree, sauce, salsa, marinara sauce—from supermarket shelves across the country. It’s no surprise […]

June 18

Celebrate Dad with Health-Protective Tomatoes!

  By Sharon Palmer, The Plant-Powered Dietitian™ The weather is warming up and Father’s Day is just around the corner—both serve as a perfect excuse to throw a family BBQ, potluck, or picnic. And no summertime picnic or BBQ would be the same without the use of tomato products. Whether it’s chips and salsa, smoky baked […]

June 08

Tackling Top 5 Myths About Tomato Products

There’s a lot of health and nutrition advice out there on these interwebs. Too much really. One article contradicting the next. It’s long been documented (often) that these ‘influencers’ are usually wrong, but they continue to be widely listened to and shared on the internet. These celebrities, influencers or sports stars that may have wonderful […]

June 03

Canned, cooked tomatoes can reduce the risk of prostate cancer

By Larry Becker – June 3, 2020 Original article from Loma Linda University Canned, cooked tomatoes can reduce the risk of prostate cancer Cooked tomatoes may reduce the risk of prostate cancer according to a recent study conducted by researchers at Loma Linda University Health. Tomato Consumption and Intake of Lycopene as Predictors of the Incidence of […]

April 26

Why Buying USA-Grown Tomato Products Matters 🇺🇸

Every visit to the grocery store or a restaurant is a chance for you to voice which products and companies you want to support. We vote with our food dollars. Do you want organic, less sugar, more flavors or lower prices? Your votes are tabulated through your purchases and ultimately your options/quality of products will […]

7 Types of Canned Tomatoes and How to Use Them

Everything you want to know about canned tomatoes! We’ll tell you about the different kinds, what swaps you can make, and how to make the most of whatever kind of canned tomato you have! BY CAMBRIA BOLD  Photography Credit: Andy Christensen We are cooking from the pantry now more than ever, which means we’re trying to keep it stocked […]

April 16

Pandemic adds turmoil to tomato season

By Kevin Hecteman, AgAlert  The 2020 tomato crop is being planted into a world of uncertainty. “I guess we’re gambling right now,” said Aaron Barcellos, who grows processing tomatoes in Merced and Fresno counties. “We’re rolling the dice that it’s all going to be fine by August, when we start harvest.” The U.S. Department of […]

March 18

Tillie Lewis: The Tomato Queen

Comic Book gals with golden lariats and invisible airplanes had nothing on this TRUE heroine whose Super Power was feeding the nation and the world the ripest, freshest tomato grown in American soil. The Tomato Queen survived the 1918-1919 Spanish flu Pandemic and created her global business success plan while recovering from her Brooklyn tenement […]

March 16

Celebrate Eggs & Tomatoes!

By NourishRD Peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter, peas and carrots. Some foods are just meant to go together. And one delicious, yet somewhat under-appreciated pairing is the mouth-watering combo of eggs and tomatoes. While the idea of green eggs and ham is fun (especially for St. Patrick’s Day!), this other colorful dynamic duo […]

March 10

It’s Taco Tuesday – Two Minute Salsa

  Taco Tuesday means chips and salsa. Try this easy salsa recipe tonight! 2 Cans (10oz each) Diced Tomatoes 1 Jalapeno, cored, seeds removed (if you like mild salsa, use ½ jalapeno) ½ yellow onion 1 cup cilantro (one heaping handful cilantro leaves) 1 garlic clove 1 tsp salt Just combine all of the ingredients […]