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February 01

Chunky Tomato, Chickpeas & Mushroom Stew

By Vicki Shanta Retelny I love tomato products; I use them in many of my recipes.  This recipe, Chunky Tomato, Chickpeas & Mushroom Stew, offers a delicious and filling option in the cold winter months.  It’s a comfort food recipe without a lot of excess fat and calories, and jammed with the antioxidant, lycopene, that can keep your […]

December 30

Vegetarian Lasagna Roll-Ups

by Alexandra Caspero MA, RD, CLT You are going to love these lasagna rolls! They are cheesy, saucy, and packed with protein! Baked eggplant and zucchini slices stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella and quinoa. The rolled up, covered in tomato sauce and baked to gooey perfection! No dairy? No problem! This recipe is easily made vegan with […]

July 31

5 Minute Black Bean + Salsa Tacos

by Jaime Ruisi So, I started this thing called grad school which consumes most of my life. But, good news is it has provided me with inspiration to create healthy meals in minutes…. yes, minutes! As a grad student, I come home hungry, or “hangry” is probably a better word. The only thing on my […]

July 12

Apricot Tomato Chickpea Stir-Fry

by Ginger Hultin MS, RDN, LDN Yields 6 servings This unexpected combination creates a delicious one-pot meal that offers antioxidants, fiber and flavor! Apricot lends sweetness to balance the natural acidity in tomato and red pepper while spices including chili powder brighten the dish and add complexity. Blending favorite spices together creates a vibrant color […]

June 07

Three Bean Chili

by Sara Oberle, RDN This Three Bean (vegan) Chili bodies what it means to be a simple and rewarding recipe that will keep you balanced, healthy, full and fueled. The combination of spices with the tomatoes, and the beans with the vegetables just creates a happy little ballet on your tongue that will have you […]

April 15

Caramelized Tomato Sauce.

by Pamela Braun Caramelizing tomato paste makes tomato flavor even richer so I start this tomato sauce recipe with caramelized tomato paste, but I don’t stop there. If caramelizing one ingredient is good…doing it to the other 2 ingredients should make it even better…right? This caramelized tomato sauce recipe is addicting, versatile and loaded with healthy […]

March 02

White Bean, Tomato and Ricotta Bake

by Jennifer Shea Rawn MS, MPH, RD Comforting. Hearty. Warming. Just four ingredients makes up this simple White Bean, Tomato and Ricotta Bake. It’s perfect when you want something a bit lighter and more protein-rich than your traditional lasagna or pasta dish. And it’s a dish we’ve been making over and over this winter, because […]

February 02


by Peter Francis Battaglia I am one of the world’s biggest fans of canned tomatoes with always a full shelf of diced, whole, pureed, peeled, paste, cherry tomatoes..in my pantry at all times. I can’t cook without them. This soup is a more European/Mediterranean version of an American cream of tomato soup..the addition of fresh basil and […]

January 25

Rustic Bruschetta Baked Eggs for One

by EA Stewart, MBA, RD This recipe was inspired by an earlier version I made with some leftover bruschetta in my fridge. It turned out to be delicious, so I decided to whip up a batch of bruschetta with some jarred tomatoes in my pantry, garlic olive oil, and Italian seasoning. Guess what? It turned […]

December 29

Recipe for Creamy Tomato Soup

Tomatoes may be out of season during the winter months, but nothing seems more nourishing on a cold day than a warm bowl of tomato soup. Winter and tomato soup go together almost as well as tomato soup and grilled cheese! That’s why it’s so great to call upon those canned tomatoes in your pantry […]