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December 10

Lima Bean Stew

by Manuel Villacorta, MS, RD In preparation for my weekly meal planning, canned tomatoes are definitely on my list.  It saves me time in the kitchen and reaps the nutritional benefits of tomatoes while also adding a burst of flavor and health to my recipes.  Canned tomatoes and tomato sauce are used in many of […]

August 13

Quick & Easy Stewed Tomato and Bean Risotto

By Jaime Ruisi We all know there are so many reasons to love tomatoes. But I also want to bring your attention to one of tomato’s greatest partners: garlic. I love garlic almost as much as I love tomatoes.  You just can’t go wrong with adding a clove or two to any recipe. It jazzes […]

June 10

5 Ingredient, 5 Minute Pasta Sauce

  By Robin Plotkin, RD, LD At least once a week, you’ll see pasta on our dinner table. It’s a fan favorite in our house – it’s quick, easy and we usually have all the ingredients in the house, which is a bonus. Pasta sauce is another story. I’m a huge fan of it – […]

May 15

Tomato Sauce (Mom’s Recipe)

By Kath Younger, RD Hi Tomato Lovers!! I’m excited to share one of my favorite recipes my mom used to make when I was a child. Mom’s homemade tomato sauce involves both summer-fresh tomatoes and lycopene-rich tomato paste simmered down with herbs and a healthy dash of sherry. This sauce will make your kitchen smell […]

May 01

Make Yourself (and Your Health) a Top Priority this Mother’s Day

By: Sharon Palmer, The Plant-Powered Dietitian™ “Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” Robert Browning As mothers, it’s so important to us that our children get enough sleep, eat well-balanced meals, and express themselves, by playing, exploring, learning, growing, and laughing. Yet, as adults, it’s not uncommon to put the needs of our children before our […]

April 17

Tomato And Oregano Rice Pilaf

We’re Kenton and Jane from Lemon & Olives. – A food blog specializing in Greek cuisine. Hello Tomato Wellness community! –   We love Mediterranean food not only for its wonderful recipes, but also for his fantastic health benefits. Today, we’re presenting a great dish that has the added bonus of canned tomatoes! As you may […]

February 16

Pizza Party!

Recipe from Lisa & McKenzie of Nourish RDs When we think of tomatoes, the first thing that pops into our mind?  Pizza! Pizza is one of our favorite foods, and it usually makes an appearance on our dinner tables a few times a month.  And while we love discovering great pizza on our travels, we […]

February 01

Spreading the Love with Heart Healthy Tomatoes!

by Sharon Palmer, RD Valentine’s Day – whether you can take it or leave it – has a nice message. It’s the day dedicated to love, which many may argue is a good thing to celebrate. And you don’t necessarily have to spend Valentine’s Day with a significant other to spread the love; you can […]

January 02

Celebrate National Soup Month with Tomatoes!

By Sharon Palmer, RD Chinese won ton, Italian minestrone, New England clam chowder, Russian borscht, Mexican tortilla, French onion… Soups have certainly made their mark as a staple in cuisines all around the globe. In fact, many food historians speculate that soup has been around for as long as the art of cooking.  And while […]

December 02

Zero Gain Holiday Campaign

By Sharon Palmer, RD “It’s holiday time!” Those three simple words can rouse both a sense of joy and excitement, while also stirring up feelings of stress and anxiety that accompany the hustle and bustle of the season. Similarly, the variety of foods that fill your dinner tables and plates during the next month can […]