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June 17

Can Tomatoes Help Your Kid Eat More Veggies?

As school books are bought, back-to-school shopping is underway, and daily meal prep becomes crazier than ever—vegetables are easily forgotten.  They’re not always a child’s best friend. In fact, sometimes they may appear as a kid’s worst nightmare, especially if forced to eat their veggies before leaving the table. But, what if there was a […]

July 30

Summertime, And a Reason to Celebrate

By Sharon Palmer, RDN My two sons are still in high school, so summertime in my household equates to a nice change of pace from our typical busy routines. I love summertime for the additional family getaways and get-togethers it often brings. Those sunny days signal more time for my family and I to enjoy […]

July 24

Shakshuka from The Kids Cook Monday

By Diana K. Rice of The Kids Cook Monday In my experience, it’s pretty well-established that kids love tomato sauce. Whether it’s pizza, spaghetti or anything that can be dunked in ketchup, “bring on the sauce” should be the official mantra of childhood dining. As the registered dietitian on staff with The Kids Cook Monday, […]

February 16

Pizza Party!

Recipe from Lisa & McKenzie of Nourish RDs When we think of tomatoes, the first thing that pops into our mind?  Pizza! Pizza is one of our favorite foods, and it usually makes an appearance on our dinner tables a few times a month.  And while we love discovering great pizza on our travels, we […]

November 01

Comforting Tomatoes

by Sharon Palmer, RD Having grown up in Seattle, I have somewhat of an attachment to the Pacific Northwest weather; and while I openly embrace the Californian sunshine, I also warmly welcome the cool weather November brings.  As the weather in Southern California has slowly shifted from steaming hot to pleasantly brisk, it’s been fun […]

October 01

Celebrate National Vegetarian Month by Showing Some Extra Tomato Love

Sharon Palmer, RD October marks National Vegetarian Awareness Month—an entire 31 days in recognition of a dietary trend that is definitely gaining ground. Earlier this year, even Justin Timberlake danced the “vegan shake” while dressed as a giant block of tofu during his visit to the set of Saturday Night Live. While only four percent […]

August 17

8 Healthy Back-to-School Snacks!

By: registered dietitian and healthy living expert, Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD   With kids heading back to school, we’ve got some healthy snack ideas for their lunch box! The beautiful thing is that they’re quick n’ easy to fix and pack up! Even better, they’ve got tomatoes. Tomatoes are natural nutrient powerhouses. They’re good sources […]

May 16

A Shocking Sunburn Protector

By Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD With summer fast approaching, I don’t know about you, but I think about skin … and sunburns. But, maybe that’s because I’m super pale (some may call me pasty), and I fry like a tomato on the grill! That being said, I’m always a sucker for anything and everything that […]

October 16

Top 3 Halloween Dos for Kids and Adults

By Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD With Halloween around the corner, it’s safe to assume that the kiddos will be hankering for something other than tomatoes come dinner time. For kids, Halloween means sugar rushes, candy binges, and stashes of the sweet stuff. And often times, it can cause sugar cravings and diet disasters for Mom […]

August 31

Canned Tomatoes: A Great Investment in Health!

by Sharon Palmer, RD It’s that time of year again when families are hanging up their beach towels and diving into another school year. Kids are now swapping sunscreen for text books, and meals are shifting from a somewhat chaotic dining schedule to a more structured family routine. As we now reminisce about the summertime […]