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July 24

Guest Blog (From Greece): Tomato Paste, a Mediterranean Staple and Why You Should Use It

by Elena Paravantes, RD In my mother’s descriptions of my grandmother’s cooking and her own, one ingredient would come up that seemed odd to me: tomato paste. I would wonder: why would you use all these fresh ingredients and then add a canned tomato product? Well, in the olden days it served a purpose: it was […]

August 17

8 Healthy Back-to-School Snacks!

By: registered dietitian and healthy living expert, Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD   With kids heading back to school, we’ve got some healthy snack ideas for their lunch box! The beautiful thing is that they’re quick n’ easy to fix and pack up! Even better, they’ve got tomatoes. Tomatoes are natural nutrient powerhouses. They’re good sources […]

August 01

Simple Swaps with Tomato Products for your Summertime Gatherings

by Sharon Palmer, RD Two times of year always seem to be packed with social events.  The holidays, of course, are filled with family dinners, work potlucks, and other seasonal celebrations, but the summer time isn’t far behind in terms of gatherings and social events. The months of July and August have a unique way […]

October 16

Top 3 Halloween Dos for Kids and Adults

By Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD With Halloween around the corner, it’s safe to assume that the kiddos will be hankering for something other than tomatoes come dinner time. For kids, Halloween means sugar rushes, candy binges, and stashes of the sweet stuff. And often times, it can cause sugar cravings and diet disasters for Mom […]

May 01

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Tomato Products!

by Sharon Palmer, RD What’s Cinco de Mayo all about?  It’s a celebration held on the fifth day of May to commemorate Mexican heritage and pride; though, specifically it’s traced back to the Mexican’s remarkable victory over French forces on May 5, 1862.  In modern times, we make Cinco de Mayo a celebration of Mexican […]