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November 02

Remember Fresh isn’t always Best

By Sharon Palmer, RDN, The Plant-Powered Dietitianโ„ข Usually when you read about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables in a magazine or on the Internet, you also find the word fresh. ย In fact, surveys show that people favor fresh produce so much that many don’t even count canned fruit and vegetables as servings! But […]

October 29

Prostate cancer diet: Five foods to reduce the risk

  By Salome Phelamei/Zee Media Bureau Prostate cancer is the second leading cancer among men worldwide. It affects one in every six males in the United States. It is believed that about 99 percent of cases occur in men over the age of 50. While there is no proven prevention strategy for prostate cancer, one […]

March 01

During National Nutrition Month, Make it better with Tomatoes

Every March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates National Nutrition Month. Throughout the month, registered dietitians encourage Americans to fill their plate with nutritious foods and to celebrate eating for your health. This year, the theme is to โ€œEnjoy the Taste of Eating Rightโ€, which is perfectly in-line with the Tomato Wellness message of […]